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Must Have Applications for your Linux Mint

1.VLC Media player
I need not tell how much popular this player is, as it can handle many types of multimedia files. Perhaps the maximum number of formats. Do install, open terminal and type,

sudo apt-get install vlc

2.BlueFish Editor
Bluefish is a full featured programmer's text editor which focuses on HTML Editing. It has a very comfortable syntax highlighting and autocompletion for HTML editing etc. To install, type,

sudo apt-get install bluefish

No, not the drink. WINE is abbreviation for Wine Is Not an Emulator(Though it is an Emulator in true sense). Wine is a compatibility layer to run Windows applications on Linux by providing necessary libraries. You can install it by typing,

sudo apt-get install wine

It provides a powerful virtual environment to install other OS in your Linux system. It is now a strong alternative to VMWare. You can install it from repository by typing,

sudo apt-get install virtualbox

Its necessary to keep your System clean. BleachBit helps to recover disk space by cleaning all temporary and unnecessary files. You can install it by typing,

sudo apt-get install bleachbit

Oh, how can I forget it! It is a nice application to take photos with your webcam. To install it, in terminal, type,

sudo apt-get install cheese

7.Openshot Video Editor
Sure you will need a video editor. This is a non-linear video editing applacation written in python. To install type,

sudo apt-get install openshot

8.XvidCap Screen capture
This is a very good program to capture your screen in various video formats. You can also specify which portion of screen to record. To install, type

sudo apt-get install xvidcap

Not to mention, it is a gnome partition editor which can help you manage your partitions easily. To install, type

sudo apt-get install gparted

Opera is a well known browser for its speed and features like Opera link synchronization, speed dials etc. you can download from Opera's site or type

sudo apt-get install opera

It is handy to keep this photo management tool by google. Edit photos and directly upload to web with its upload manager. To install, type,

sudo apt-get install picasa

12.Google Gadgets
Want to add a sidebar to your desktop? Then this is for you. Choose from large no. of gadgets from google

sudo apt-get install google-gadgets

13.Ubuntu Tweak
Though the name suggests it is for Ubuntu, it is also a nice application to tweak your Mint, with a nice GUI. To install, type,

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak

14.Avast! Virus Scanner
Though you don't need an antivirus, why take risk? Avast is free for home users. You can get it at avast.com

15.World of Goo
Though this is not an application, it is a impressive physics based game. Go to worldofgoo.com or type

sudo apt-get install worldogoodemo