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Make a Blog Mobile Friendly

Mobile phones are quite popular now a days. More and more people access the net using mobile devices. Do you have a blog but don't have its mobile version? Then you are loosing a great number of visitors. Of course you should have one. Because it is not so hard. Its a matter of 5 minutes. There are many services on the web to make a blog mobile friendly. You can use an emulator to test how your site looks in a mobile device. Here is one, mtld.mobi.

So if you have a RSS feed of your blog, mobilizing should not be a problem. Otherwise you can use mobify.me to mobilize your blog.

Here are some other sites to make your blog mobile friendly which use your RSS feeds to make a mobile version of your blog.

Feed 2 Mobile

Winksite, xFruits and Wirenode strip all images from posts. Winksite also remove links. FeedM8 always shows ads on your pages but will share the revenue with you. Winksite, MoFuse and Mowser show no ads on your pages by default (Mowser has ads - but not on publisher pages) but you can set them up to display ads.