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How to Copy System Files to Memory Card in s40

In s40 phones, we cannot access the hidden system files with any file manager. Also we cannot copy or send the copyrighted themes, games etc. which come preloaded. So here is a nice trick by my friend Sohil which enables us to do this.

First it is required that you should know the exact location of the file. Then make sure you have automatic saving off. Let us assume you want to copy the "Blue.nth" theme from phone to Memory Card. Then in default browser, you have to type
and then the file will be copied to the location where you saved it. In simple words it will be downloaded to the memory card.

For phones which have Opera Mini as default browser, you can copy and save the following code to phone as a .html file(e.g.-test.html). Then simply click the link. You can replace the text in pink with the address of another file. You can use MiniCommander or Mobyexplorer to edit HTML files.

<a href="file:///C:/predefgallery/predefthemes/Blue.nth">Click Here</a

You can copy almost anything in this way. You just need to know perfect file location(Folders cannot be downloaded).

Now you can easily copy copyrighted and system files without PC. So enjoy!