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Making Multiapps with Multime Constructor

If you want to make a multiapp, I'll show you how to do it.

First download Multime Constructor. You wont understand it as all text will be question marks. So I'm explaining what I got after trying again and again. First of all, download Multime Constructor here. You need Java Runtime Environment for it too.

Here is the original screenshot of it.

Now here I tell what are the question marks.


1. Open multime.exe, browse and open mm.jar if prompted.
2. Then click on the right top button just by the side of the big text box.
3. Browse files and select the apps to be combined.
4. Set the New Application name in the box below the large box and the app icon in its side box.
5. Put the output name in the box below the app name.

6. Click on the topleft button above the large text box.
7. After finished, you will get this.

You have done it! Now install the multiapp in your phone and enjoy.