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Friends, if you know about my blog, then chances are, you also know about my site. My little site at Xtgem.com was made when I was a noob in HTML. Though it doesn't lack useful contents. It gave me inspiration to learn and explore the world of web designing. I had made a quite pretty design with my little knowledge. Still struggling to make the look better and more professional. I knew, CSS can make this happen. But I was stuck when it came to tables and CSS. Though I knew using basic CSS, still I couldn't use it to make complex styles. As you can see that my blog posts have decreased a lot. This is because I was trying to understand the codes deeply. Now my site has a quite nice style and bunch of new contents to download. Soon I will also add new content and tutorials. Don't forget to visit my site funsurf.xtgem.com. Stay tuned for latest updates. Thanks for your interest.