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15 Reasons to Fall in Love with UC Browser

Opera Mini might be a great mobile browser, but still I prefer UC Browser because of some reasons. If you don't know about UC Browser, it's an excellent Mobile Browser from China available for many platforms including Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone etc. Here are my 15 reasons why I prefer UC Browser.

1. It's User Friendly

UC Browser is extremely easy to use. It is easy to do all the most needed operations using shortcuts, which you could modify according to your behavior habit. There are lots of useful links given in the start page so that I can explore the web more easily.

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2. Better Bookmark Management

I can open my own bookmarks with click of just one button. It is easy to arrange my bookmarks in folders so that I can scientifically categorize them. I can also share my bookmarks right from the browser.

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3. The Best Download Manager Ever!

None of the Download Managers available in Java has proven as reliable as UC Browser's inbuilt download manager. I can download multiple files at once with pause and resume them when I wish. The download block size feature helps me to overcome my network's maximum file size limit. The file manager helps me manage my downloaded files more easily.

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4. Saves my bandwidth

The page compression feature saves about 85% bandwidth so that I can browse more. I can further reduce the size of WAP pages by using WAP Access via Server. With page segmentation, I need not load the full page if I can get the information I am looking for in the early parts.



5. Choose between WEB & WAP UA

I can choose from the inbuilt User Agents to easily access the Mobile version or PC version of a site. No hassle of using a modified version.

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6. Copy Text and Links from Web Page

Most of the times, I need this feature. And it also provides a clipboard manager with which I can manage the copied text or link very easily.

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7. Sharing made easy!

I can easily share websites through SMS with the inbuilt function. No hassle of writing the address and then compose a message to send. I can easily capture and upload photos to my facebook account(also others) directly from the browser.

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8. Save pages to view later

I can save pages to view them later offline if I don't have time to read them right now. I don't need to save just the link and load it again to read. The symbian version also allows to save the page content as a text file, which makes sharing even easier.

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9. Great Themes available

I can personalize my browser with lots of themes of different designs and colors. I can just download the theme and install it, though it may not be official. I can enjoy a night mode theme in low lights.

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10. Multi Window Browsing

I can view more than one sites at a time even if while downloading. Switching between them is painless with the shortcuts.


11. No Out of Memory Errors

I never get out of memory errors even if I've lots of tabs open. None of my pages are cleared due to low memory.

12. Saves energy

I can adjust the brightness to save my battery in the backlight settings. It helps a lot when I've less charge in my battery.

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13. Best image quality

It may be just my personal opinion, but I find the image quality excellent in UC Browser than any other browser. I can enjoy the colorful photos that my friends uploaded without any quality loss.


14. Find the text in a page

When I need to search for specific text in a large page, UC Browser comes to rescue with its inbuilt Find function.

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15. A good and helping community

The UC Browser community is very lively and eager to help. I can get solution of my problems instantly from the forum.