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Backup your phone data

Mobile phones have become a part of our life. We always have a lot of important informations stored in our phone. There are also messages of our loved ones and important contacts numbers. While it is not hard to backup the data in the phone memory, I recommend not to store anything in the phone memory. This will slow down your phone and you always have fear of losing the data. You can easily backup the data on memory card on another memory card, PC or USB stick. So the main concern is about the Contacts, Notes, and Calendar entries etc. Today we will take a look at backing up our important data so that we can easily restore them in case of data loss. The data loss can be accidental, or due to firmware upgrade or flashing.

PC Suite/Ovi Suite

This is the best option at hand to backup your data if you have access to a PC. You can use the backup option in PC Suite or Ovi Suite to backup your contacts, messages, calendar entries and notes offline to your PC.

Download Nokia PC Suite

Download Nokia Ovi Suite

Backup/Restore Option in Settings

If you have a Nokia s40v5 or higher phone, you can easily backup your messages, contacts, calendar, notes, gallery files, applications and settings with the inbuilt backup function. Just go to "Menu>Settings>Backup/Restore" and backup your data. It will create a folder named "Backups" in the memory card with a backup file. More backup files will be stored in that folder. You can restore the data by again going to "Menu>Settings>Backup/Restore" and choosing the file to restore. Or you can simply restore by opening the backup file from the memory card.

Mobile Backup 2.0

If your phone doesn't have a backup option, no need to worry. Mobile Backup is a tiny free and Open Source java application that you can install in your mobile and easily backup your contacts and calendar notes to your memory card. You can restore the backup from the application. The disadvantage is that, you cannot backup your messages and as it is not a signed application, you'll have to grant permission for every single contact. However, unlike Nokia's default backup system, it only adds data, not overwrite any existing data.

Download Mobile Backup 2.0


mSync is a little java application that lets you backup your data online. As your data is backed up online, you have the convenience of restoring it anywhere.

Download mSync

Mobile Rediff

Mobile Rediff is the email client for Rediff Mail. It is a signed java application and is able to backup/restore your contacts to the Rediff server. As it is signed, you don't have to give permissions every time. As an online backup solution, you also have the convenience to restore your data anywhere.

Download Mobile Rediff

This is just a small list. If you know any better backup solution, please let us know.