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Collection of Handler Applications

How to use HandlerUI/Editable Server mods

HandlerUI mods are modified applications by Sir Handler which enable us to use proxies and change proxy servers of various applications.

When the application starts, you will see the HandlerUI which has many input fields.

Custom HTTP Server: You can put a proxy server here with the main server of the app. For example, to use http://mini5.operamini.net with main server of Opera Mini i.e. server4.operamini.com/, enter http://mini5.operamini.net.server4.operamini.com/.

Front Query: It is mostly used for downloading trick but works only with some service providers. You have to enter the server with a @. For example wapx.amob.com@

Middle Query & Back Query: These are mostly not needed. So just leave it blank.

Remove String From URL/Remove Port From URL: Don't check it if you don't need it. It is for removing the port associated with the server.

HOST: You can provide host address or any server here to have a host server.

Download HandlerUI Applications

»Avacs 2.10 HandlerUI143

»Baidu Mobile HandlerUI142

»Bolt 2.11 HandlerUI150

»DM Mobile HandlerUI

»Ebuddy 1.50 Beta HandlerUI141

»EV GetMe HandlerUI

»G-Translate 1.41 HandlerUI

»Gedda Headz HandlerUI142

»Gmail 2.06 HandlerUI142

»Google Maps 2.32 HandlerUI

»Mig33 4.20 HandlerUI121

»MobGet HandlerUI121

»Mobile File Loader 1.21 HandlerUI142

»Morange 5.13 HandlerUI142

»Mozat 5.21 HandlerUI142

»Mxit 5.92 HandlerUI121

»Nimbuzz HandlerUI

»ONSpeed HandlerUI

»Opera Mini 4.2 HandlerUI110

»Opera Mini 5 HandlerUI143

»Opera Mini 5.1 HandlerUI143

»Opera Mini Mod 4.2 Test 1 EN HandlerUI150

»Opera Mini Mod 4.2 Test 1 HandlerUI

»Opera Mini Mod 4.2 Test 2 HandlerUI150

»Popit TV 2.10 HandlerUI132

»RockeTalk 5.32 HandlerUI121

»Sh Messenger 3.11 Beta HandlerUI143

»Skype HandlerUI131

»Snaptu 1.28 HandlerUI142

»ToGo TV 2.10 HandlerUI121

»Twittai 1.3 HandlerUI132

»UC Browser 7.2 Final HandlerUI RMS Backup

»UC Browser 7.2 Final HandlerUI150

»UCWEB 7.0 HandlerUI142

»UCWEB 7.2 Beta HandlerUI

»Wattpad 1.04 HandlerUI121

»Zozoc 1.46 HandlerUI142