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Is HTML5 only about the video tag?

HTML5 is abbreviated as the "Flash Killer" by steve jobs. Everyone is excited about streaming videos without flash plugin. But is that all HTML5 is about? Don't you think there are much more important things to do with HTML5 than just the video and audio tags?

According to html5.org,
HTML5 is a new version of HTML and XHTML. The HTML5 draft specification defines a single language that can be written in HTML and XML. It attempts to solve issues found in previous iterations of HTML and addresses the needs of Web Applications, an area previously not adequately covered by HTML.

So HTML5 is still in draft and it introduces much more than just the video tag. You can find some HTML5 tags in our old article HTML5 Tags Overview. You can notice that many new tags have been introduced to simplify the tasks of the web designers as well as the search engines. Such as the <article> contains the core article of the page which is more important. So search engines can give emphasis to the content within the <article> tag and ignore the content inside the <aside> tag.

HTML5 helps Javascript and CSS to be used more efficiently. But HTML5 is not going to bring any visual enhancements or eye candy. The pages are still to be styled using CSS.

Have you ever visited Apple's HTML5 Demo page? It needs to download Safari in order to view the page. So it is clear how Apple is taking advantage of the craze and developing misconceptions about HTML5.

So beware of the misconceptions and carefully watch what's happening.