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UC Company allows Translated Versions

UC Browser(formerly UCWEB) is a advanced mobile browser which is a good alternative to Opera Mini. Initially aimed at the Chinese market, now focusing the International market due to its demand. It is low on resources unlike the Opera Mini 5 and still provides lots of features, including the industry-leading download manager. It is now available for almost all platforms. The UC Company is trying hard to improve the performance of UC Browser in the fields and thus the delay in the release of the english version of UC Browser 7.2. However, the UC Browser product manager Robin told that it would be releasing this week, hopefully. But he also says that according to the company's policy, they won't be releasing UC Browser 7.3 in english.

UC Browser has been become popular in India by the translated versions. But a couple of weeks ago, the company had requested the translators to stop spreading the translated versions and share only with the forum members. Because one might be irritated with the problems faced in the translated version such as redirection to Chinese language. But then how can we enjoy the latest versions which won't be released in english?

Thankfully, today Robin told that translators can share their translations after changing the BID value(which helps to change the server) and marking it as translated. Accordin to Robin,
I am also very confused about we should stop the translation. Because we can just release one English version per two Chinese version based on the company policy in this year. So, sorry for that can't make you guys enjoy the latest version of UC Browser. Moreover, I know that you want to help UC Browser, so you translate it and spread it, thanks very much for that!

So thats good. Today, the Chinese version UC Browser 7.3 released and now you can enjoy it with the translated versions. Just wait till the translated versions get released. Don't forget to report if you find any translations without changing the BID value and not mentioning anywhere that it is a translation.