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How to Connect Your PC to Internet with your Phone in Windows

You really don’t need PC suite to connect your PC to internet with your phone. But if you do have Windows, you need at least Bluetooth if you don’t want to use PC suite.

So first turn on the Bluetooth of your Mobile phone. Then click on the “Start Menu” in Windows(We are using Windows 7). Then open “Devices and Printers”.

Now if you still have not paired your phone,, click on “Add Device” tab on the top.


Windows will search for any Bluetooth devices and display them. if you don't see your phone, make sure it is not hidden.


Now select your phone and click "Next".


If prompted, enter the pass code in your phone.


Then your phone will appear in "Devices and Printers" after it pairs successfully.


Now just rghtclick the icon and select "Connect Usng>access Point". Now your PC will be connected to internet with your phone.


You can see the status of the connection in the Taskbar.



It is a very good method than going through the hassle of searching and installing the correct version of PC suite if you only use it to connect to internet. You also don’t need to adjust the internet settings as this method uses the settings activated in your phone. I prefer this than PC suite because I don’t want to un PC suite in the background just to connect to internet. What about you?