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Run Android in Virtualbox

Android is an Open Source Mobile Operating system by Google. Android is a great Operating system. But if you don't have money to buy an Android phone like me,then don't worry. Here we'll see how can we run Android on Virtualbox.

First download android-x86 iso image here and save it to your hard disk.

Now open Virtualbox and create a new Virtual Machine. Select the Operating system as linux and Version as Linux 2.6. Then click Next.


Then choose to create new virtual disk. Now assign hard disk space and give the location. Then click Next.


After these steps are completed, now start the virtual machine. The First Run Wizard should appear. Select the media type as CD/DV-ROM Device and click Next.


Then in device manager, click on Add and select the ISO image you downloaded. After it is added, highlight it and click select.


Now you should boot into the Live CD image. when the menu appears, select Install Android-x86 to harddisk.


Now the partitionizer should appear. select Create/Modify partitions.


Highlight the free space and select [New]. Then choose a file system and continue. We choose ext3.


Now to make the drive bootable, click on Bootable. Then select Write and Quit.


The new hard disk should appear now. Select it and press Enter.


After it is installed, Select "Run Android-x86".


Now the Android logo should appear for a while. And then Android will start.


If everything went ok, you should have now Android running in Virtualbox.


You can click on the left side to open all applications. And now enjoy exploring the Android OS.



Buying an Android phone is expensive. But if you just want to try the OS, this method is great. You can also install it on your hard disk. But I won't recommend it as it has many limitations. You can also burn the ISO to a CD and use the Live CD.