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Aria2 - Terminal-Based Download Manager for Linux

When there are lots of download managers (proprietary or opensource) for Windows, I found Linux has a very few. Uget or Multiget or the addon Download-them-all couldn't satisfy me at all. My search continued till I found aria2, probably the fastest and the best download manager for Linux.

1. aria2 is a terminal-based application i.e. no GUI. But don't get scared. It is extremely easy to use.
2. aria2 has HTTP/HTTPS GET support and FTP downloading support.
2. aria2 supports multiple connections for downloading a file and tries to utilize maximum download bandwidth.
3. aria2 can download multiple files simultaneously with pause-resume support.
4. It can also download files via torrents or metalinks.
5. aria2 is lightweight and requires a minimal memory and CPU usage.
6. It can be integrated with Firefox via the Flashgot addon.

To know more about aria2 visit the official webpage http://aria2.sourceforge.net

How to Use aria2:
Here are some basic commands for downloading using aria2...
1. Download a file:
aria2c http://server/filename
2. Downloading a file from multiple sources:
aria2c http://mirror1/filename http://mirror2/filename
3. Downloading multiple files:
aria2c -z http://host1/file1 http://host2/file2 http://host3/file3
4. Download as a torrent client:
aria2c http://site/file.torrent
5. Download as a metalink client:
aria2c http://host/file.metalink
6. Pause & Resume: To pause downloading press Ctrl+C. To resume it again enter the same command you have entered for downloading it. If the server supports resuming, it will start downloading from the stage last time it was paused.

If you want a detail user guide please visit usage example, the manual and FAQ.

GUI Frontend:
See, how easy it is to download via aria2. But I know there will be a lot of people will still not use it as it is command-line based. Don't worry, here are some GUI frontends for you...
1. aria2fe
2. aria2::gui
3. Eatmonkey
4. karia2
And a web frontend ariaWeb.

I hope you will love this new download manager. So, keep downloading :) If you know any other good download manager for linux, please dont forget to share it with us.