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Enhance Your Browser Experience with Greasemonkey Add-on

Greasemonkey is a Mozilla Firefox Add-on which allows the user to install userscripts (written in Javascript) to enhance the browsing experience. Adding those scripts are extremely easy. Just install the greasemonkey add-on, browse http://userscripts.org, search for scripts, click the install button to install it and you are done. You can manage those scripts from the greasemonkey icon, located at the bottom-right corner of the browser. Not only Firefox users, but also Opera, Google Chrome and Safari users can use those scripts now-a-days, though somtimes with limitations. There are thousands of scripts, which you can pick according to your browsing habit. Here I am recommending top five userscripts according to my choice.

1. YouTube Enhancer: This userscript allows the users to enjoy a lot of options while watching a Youtube video and also let them download the video in different formats.

2. Remove Facebook Ads: This userscript removes all annoying sponsored links from the Facebook.

3. TinyUrl Decoder: This script shows the original links behind the shorten links.

4. Power Twitter: Add link shortener, photo uploader etc directly to the Twitter page and improve the usability of Twitter.

5. Rapidshare AutoWait: This script is an advanced automatic Rapidshare downloader.

If you have any other userscript which you find useful, let us know please.