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My Journey begins with Funsurf...

Hi, I am Anamitra Saha (aka Oni). Just joined Funsurf as a co-author. Let me first introduce myself. You may find me as Anamitra or o_n_i or Oni64 on various social networking sites and forums. You can contact me at anamitra.saha21@gmail.com or @o_n_i on twtter. I am an engineering student and I take interest in various technology stuffs. Computing is my hobby, exploring Linux, Windows and the world of internet is my favourite pastime. I am here just to share those experiences with you all. I was a reader of Funsurf from the very first day; learnt a lot of things from this blog. So nothing can be better than joining this blog as a co-author. Thanks to Satya for giving me this opportunity. I will try my best to keep you updated with latest info, tips and tricks. I hope you will enjoy.

Thank You All.