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OpenDNS - A Safer, Faster, Smarter and Reliable Alternative

What is DNS?
While browsing the web, when we call for an URL we actually communicate with the DNS (Domain Name System) server. It is the DNS server who looks for the numerical IP address of that URL and connects us to it. By default we are using the DNS server provided by our Internet Service Provider. And in general this server takes more time to resolve the web address and thus results a slower surfing experience. So the question is, can we shift to a faster server? Yes, here comes OpenDNS...

What OpenDNS offers?
OpenDNS is genarally faster and more stable than your default server. And not only that, it also offers a bunch of features totally free of cost.
1. Malware Site Protection: OpenDNS protects your networks from malware sites and help you to be protected from virus, worms & zero-day vulnerabilities.
2. Web-Content Filtering: You can choose the level of filtering and block all adult contents.
3. Anti-Phishing: It helps to protect you from phishing scams with anti-phishing powered by PhishTank.
4. Whitelist / Blacklist: Block or always allow some specific websites in your network.
5. SmartCache: OpenDNS's proprietary DNS caching technology finds and locates the last known good IP address for Web sites that are experiencing difficulty, making Web sites that are down for the rest of the Internet load for OpenDNS users.
6. Web Traffic Stats: You can get the detail web traffic statistics in your opendns account.
7. Typo Correction: Automatic typo correction auto-corrects the most common typos in top-level domains like .com, .edu and .net.
8. OpenDNS Guide: OpenDNS offers detail guides and video tutorials to help you to manage your account.

How to shift to OpenDNS?
At first go to OpenDNS Store and create an account with an email address. After verifying that email address you will directed to a page asking for the options, how you want to change your DNS.

It is recommended to set up OpenDNS on your Router so that each and every computer connecting via that router can get the benefits of OpenDNS. Whatever option you choose, you will lead to a page where you can find detail guides on how to change your DNS. Choose the correct tutorial depending upon your router manufacturer or Operating system (Not only for Windows, there is tutorials for MacOSX, Linux, Mobile platforms, Gaming Consoles too...).

Any Other Alternative?
Yes, Google Public DNS. In fact it is faster than OpenDNS in India. But definitely has less features. Whatever you choose, GoogleDNS or OpenDNS, it will definitely boost your web experience, that is for sure.