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Wammu – PC Suite for Your Linux

I’ve been running Ubuntu for quite many days. But I always regret that I couldn’t use PC Suite in it. Though Ubuntu can connect to internet with phone’s Bluetooth or cable connection without requiring PC Suite, I primarily use PC Suite to backup my phone data like Contacts and Messages. But accidentally I found a hidden gem in the repositories that enables me to do it. The tool is “Wammu”, which is a GUI frontend to “Gammu”.


To install Wammu, open terminal and type,

sudo apt-get install wammu

It wll now be installed under “Menu>Accessories”


When you first start Wammu, it will prompt you to configure your phone. With the wizard, you can configure your phone in few easy steps.

Wammu Phone Configuration Wizard_001

It also has three Configure Styles to suite your needs.

Wammu Phone Configuration Wizard_002

You can connect your phone both via cable, bluetooth or infrared port too!

Wammu Phone Configuration Wizard_003

It detected and connected to our phone successfully in our test.

Wammu Phone Configuration Wizard_005

After configuring your phone, you can  connect it from “Phone>Connect”.


After the phone is connected, you can easily read, write, backup, restore your messages, contacts, calendar and more.

So did you know about  it? Or you know about any better alternative? Please let us know.