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Would you Write for Us?

In the past days, our blog has undergone many changes. New templates, tweaks and more. Blogger has many great templates, but finding the right one is not an easy task. Whatever, I think I've finally picked up a great template and tweaked it to suit my needs. But only a nice template does not make a good blog. Yes, the content matters. I've always tried to write useful content. There is much more to write, and of course, I'll continue writing. But i feel I'm getting more and more busy in my daily life. I cannot come online more often. So the frequency of update of my blog has become very low. So I want to ask the readers, would you like to write for our blog?

Yes, blogging is an art and I'm not going to just add anyone. But if you have good writing skills, then you are welcome. Of course your posts should match our niche, which has a wide range.

Why should you write? Well, there can be many possible reasons. If you have a blog, you can get some traffic to your blog by posting links to your blog! Or if you want to write occasionally, but don't want to go to the hassle of making a new blog, then you can improve your writing skills by writing for us.

Finally, if you want to write in this blog, just drop a comment here or even better if you mail me at satyajit.happy@gmail.com. Don't forget to write why you want to write for us and send us an original sample of your post.