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Easily Edit MP3 and Ogg Verbis Tags with Tag Tool in Ubuntu

Tags are the metadata present in Music files that help them manage easily, display Artist and album information etc. I like to keep the metadata correct. But if you have lots of Music files, then editing the tags is a hassle. Though many Music Players support editing tags, none of them is as powerful to manage multiple files.

Fortunately, there is a package present in the repositories which makes the task easy. To install the package, open terminal and enter the following command or click here.

sudo apt-get install tagtool

Now you can find it under "Menu > Sound & Video > Audio Tag Tool".

Editing is a breeze. Just select a directory with music files and all music files in the hierarchy will be displayed.

The most exciting part is the ability to tag multiple files on the basis of their tags and viceversa.

Though it doesn't support editing Album Art, it is certainly a very useful app if you want to keep your music organized.