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Fix Font Smoothing in Browsers

It was a very bad day indeed. I installed KDE Plasma Desktop in my Linux Mint 10 Gnome and the browsers changed their fonts. It looked very much ugly without font smoothing. I did reinstall the browsers and even removed plasma desktop. But that did not help.

So what caused this? After a bit of searching, I found that Chromium created a .fonts.conf file in the home directory that didn't use smoothing. Actually, the fonts.conf file contains the font settings. The default file exists at /etc/fonts/fonts.conf. Now what I did is, deleted the file from my home directory and restarted the browsers. Now everything is ok.

You can either delete it from Nautilus or run in Terminal,
rm ~/.fonts.conf
You can also copy your default font settings to the home directory by,
cp /etc/fonts/fonts.conf ~/.fonts.conf