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How to Install MS Office in Ubuntu

Open Office & Libre Office are great, but still, there is always some incompatibility between Microsoft Word documents and Open Office/Libre Office. I have always felt the need to use Windows to be able to use MS Word. I have tried several times to install MS Word on my Linux Mint system via WINE. But I was never successful. But not to worry, I found a great application which installed MS Office with all its specific wine prefixes and gave me a fully working installation of MS Word on my Mint.

Assuming you have already installed wine, first you need to install PlayOnLinux, which is a great application to install many Windows games and softwares via wine. It automatically creates application specific wine prefixes and downloads & installs all required programs.

Click here to install PlayOnLinux. After installing, you can find it under "Menu>Games>PlayOnLinux".

Now, open PlayOnLinux and let it update its database. Then click on the install button. Under the office section select the version of MS Office you want to install and click "Forward". We installed MS Office 2007 here.

Now the Wizard will begin. Now click "Forward".

Insert the MS Office installation disc and paste the mount location in the input box. The address of the local directory where the set up files are will also work. Now click "Forward".

Now you can install Office as you would on Windows.

That's all you need to do. PlayOnLinux will install everything itself. make sure to be connected to internet, because PlayOnLinux will require to download some files.

Not only MS Office also many other Windows application can be easily installed this way. If you know any better way, please share with us.