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Back from Jail

I was in jail for past 5 days. Yes, as a prisoner. A unforgettable experience of my life. 307 was charged on me, which means "Attempt to murder".

All it started on Dec 25th. It was probably 11.30pm at night. I was just going to sleep. Suddenly I heard a crowd in our hostel campus. When I went out, there was a quarrel between the Veterinary students and us, which was a usual affair. Both of us we started throwing stones and petrol bombs at each other. After sometime, PCR vans came. But we didn't stop. After a little time, the police rushed inside the hostel campus from the backward. they also charged lathi upon us. We ran, but all were ordered to kneel down. A bottle had hit the A.C.P Jagannath Pradhan. Then the police took 30 of us and 10 of Veterenary students to the Infocity Police Station. There we spent the whole night and the next day. our Dean, students welfare, came to meet us after repeated phone calls. The Vice Chancellor of our university told us that he was resting, when we called him. It was very disappointing that the authority was not with us. The police had gave us breakfast and meal. We felt assured that our hostel-mates came to meet us. I talked to my father and was a little bit relaxed. We were not released that day. At the evening, we were taken to Khandagiri Police Station where all of our details were recorded and we were arrested by the police. I met a old friend of my father, he took my father's phone number and talked to my father. Then we were carried to the central jail.

We first met the magistrate and ate Biriyani brought by our hostel-mates. Then reached the jail at about 8:30pm. We carried nothing other than a pair of dress which we were wearing and a jacket which our hostel-mates brought from my room. No mobile phones, no watches, nothing.

After talasi we were taken to Ward no. 21. There were other criminals too. But they were kind hearted and gave us Kambal to sleep till the officials didn't. The ward was clean and organized. It had a bathroom which was only used in urgent cases. It also had a television with cable connection. Room mates were cooperative, but sometimes strict for maintaining discipline. We watched Sholay in Zee Cinema and slept late. We woke up early n the morning and went out for prayer. Then we did some work like gathering stones and putting them at another place. After work we were given food. But I threw the breakfast when a man showed a bug inside the peas. We were given Rice, Dal and hard to tear vegetable fries, that was ok. The Supper was at 5:30pm. We ate Roti and Dal and went to our room. Everyday we were free to roam outside in the morning from 7:00am to 12:30pm and at the evening from 3:30pm to 7:00pm.

Outside there were nice gardens and jammers too to block phone networks. If you wanted to call anyone, you had to pay 10rs/min. Well, after three such days we were released on temporary bell today and anyhow we have to convince the ACP to withdraw the "Attempt to murder" case which he filed against us, though most of us were innocent.