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Switching to Fedora - First Impressions

I recently switched to Fedora from Linux Mint. While there was nothing wrong in Mint which made me switch, but there is definitely the desire to try Gnome Shell and a RPM based system that prompted me to do so. Fedora is quite a popular distribution and has a principle to lead, not to follow.

The installer in Fedora is easy, and it gives option to edit the bootloader entries at the time of install. It successfully detected my windows partition, though it named it as 'Other' and I had to edit the bootloader entries to rename it to Windows 7. Fedora still uses the old 'GRUB'. But that works fine. After the installation finished, it proceeded to create a new user. Since I'm on a laptop, the absence of mouse clicks with touchpad by default was very inconvenient, though it could be changed in the 'Preferences' menu.

After booting into the Gnome Desktop Environment, the default theme is light and clean with many high quality default wallpapers included. there are no desktop effects enabled by default. Compiz can be easily enabled from 'Preferences > Desktop Effects'. The default software selection is minimal. PackageKit, the package manager is not so user friendly like synaptic. But GUI frontends to 'yum' like 'Yumex' are present in the repositories. 'apt' and 'Synaptic' also can be installed, but I find yum more advanced.

I didn't find many of my familiar softwares in the repos even after adding the 'RPM Fusion' repository. So I had to compile many from source, some also worked when I converted them from .deb to .rpm with 'alien', but again, alien was not easy to install and not available in the repos. Some converted packages also cause problems.

The next annoyance is that, by default, I don't have permissions to use 'sudo', though it was easy to change. Also I had to install multimedia codecs manually.

Hope I enjoy learning more about Fedora.