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Add a blue tint to your desktop with Ambiance Blue

We had previously mentioned about Ambiance Blue on our blog. It is a bluish variant of the Ubuntu Maverick Ambiance theme. It has window buttons to the right and uses Faenza as icon theme. This theme uses murrine engine and has many features over the default Ambiance theme in Ubuntu.


08/02/2011 - 1.Fixed menu gradient, looked odd.
08/02/2011 - 2.Fixed light text colour in some places.
08/02/2011 - 3.Fixed Panel.
08/02/2011 - 4.Fixed could not install from 'Appearance Preferences'.
08/02/2011 - 5.Included README file.

07/02/2011 - 1.Fixed metacity theme and various colour issues.
07/02/2011 - 2.Changed default menu colours to light.
07/02/2011 - 3.Optional borderless metacity theme.

To install this theme systemwide, you need to extract the contents to /usr/share/themes. (Sorry, no longer use Ubuntu, so no .deb).

If you want dark menus, rename included gtkrc.dark to gtkrc under the directory gtk-2.0

If you want borderless theme, rename metacity-theme-1-borderless.xml to metacity-theme-1.xml under the directory metacity-1

Download @ gnome-look