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Fedora Utils 1.0 Beta

Fedora Utils is a small script designed for Fedora. It uses zenity for its GUI.

Fedora Utils lets you install codecs and softwares as well as tweak your Fedora system with just few clicks. Also, you can just select the tasks and let Fedora Utils do those one by one.

  • Add Additional Repos, e.g.- RPMFusion, Google, Chromium, VirtualBox, Skype etc.
  • Install Multimedia Codecs, DVD Playback, Flash Plugin, Sun Java, Microsoft Truetype Fonts, additional Softwares like LibreOffice, Google Earth, GTalk Plugin, Wine with Gecko, Adobe Air etc
  • Change system settings such as set Yum to keep package cache, enable autologin, set SELinux in permissive mode, fix Anaconda Runtime causing Revisor not to start
  • Optimize Boot Process by turning off unnecessary daemons
  • Customize Terminal by adding colours and Fortune messages
  • View System Information
And much more...

This script is similar to Fedora Plus and easyLife. But there are many differences. Unlike Fedora Plus, you can select many items and Fedora Utils will do one by one, which was the main reason Fedora Plus didn't suited me as I have to wait till one operation completed to do another one.

Fedora Utils can also add your username to sudoers file, but only when it detects that you executed it as normal user.

Project Page: fedorautils.sf.net