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Linux Mint 10 KDE Released

Linux Mint 10 jula KDE Released today. It includes many new features and nice software selection.

Faetures include,
  • This edition comes with the latest and recently released KDE 4.6!
  • The Updated Software Manager gives you a nicer browsing experience, with a better categorization of software and the use of application icons.
  • In the Upload Manager, if services are defined, the system tray icon is now launched automatically at startup by Linux Mint. The "File Uploader" was also merged with the "Upload Manager". The upload dialogs were improved and now look similar to the Firefox download dialogs. They measure the upload speed and calculate an ETA.
  • Adobe Flash: Linux Mint comes with the latest Adobe Flash "Square", running in full 32-bit or 64-bit (depending on your edition of Linux Mint) native mode. This plugin is faster than its predecessor, especially in full-screen.
  • Oracle Virtualbox: A new metapackage called "virtualbox-nonfree" was introduced. This package points to the non-open-source version of Virtualbox and provides USB support.
  • Signed repositories: No more warning is given for the usage of signed repositories. Using unsigned repositories no longer issues a warning but a validation question.
  • Highlight: The "highlight" command, used by "apt" is now faster and more reliable.
  • Adjustment system: The mintsystem adjustment system is now LSB compliant.
  • Changes in the default selection: Songbird, dansguardian and dragonplayer were removed. Python-rsvg, htop, choqok, moc, kmymoney, ofx, gimp, kftpgrabber, b43-fwcutter, linux-wlan-ng, linux-wlan-ng-doc, setserial and sl-modem-daemon were added.

Download Linux Mint 10 KDE here.