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"Virus & spyware definitions update failed" error in Security Essentials

If you are using Microsoft Security essentials, you might have got an error while updating the definitions.
Virus & spyware definitions update failed

Microsoft Security essentials wasn't able to check the virus & spyware definitions updates.

Make sure you are connected to internet and try again.

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Support information

Error code: 0x80248014
Description: The update server cannot process your request at the moment. please try again later.

This is usually a Windows update error since Security Essentials uses Windows update.

This problem is not hard to troubleshoot if it is caused due to a corrupted windows update file.

1. Open command prompt and then run the following command,
net stop WuAuServ
2. Open Run dialog and enter "%windir%" (or navigate to C:\Windows directory in Windows 7).
3. Find a folder named SoftwareDistribution. Rename it to something else e.g.- SoftwareDistribution.old.
4. Open command prompt again and then run the following command,
net start WuAuServ

Now this should fix the problem. Try updating now and see if everything goes ok.