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elementaryOS Jupiter Released

Finally, the waiting is over. Elementary project's much awaited elementaryOS is now live and available for download. After the first release as Beta, the final release of codename "Jupiter" is now available.

Jupiter, unlike its name which signifies something huge, elementaryOS is quite elementary. All the stuff that's not needed by most home users are removed. Although I feel it weird not to include any music player, I'm happy that I can install what I want.

The overall experience is snappy. It looks beautiful, as expected.

It includes Nautilus Elementary, Midori, Transmission, Lingo Dictionary, Dexter, Abiword, Gnumeric, Shotwell, Ubuntu Software Center and other essential packages by default. Though no multimedia codecs are included, you can always install ubuntu-restricted-extras. It gives option to install mp3 plugins in the install screen though.

It doesn't include Slingshot, Plank and Marlin you might be expecting. But they are still in development and I believe, will be available when they will be ready.

Download via torrent @ elementaryos.org