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We believe the web should be open to all and fun to surf. Our vision is sharing is the most important and easiest way to improve. No matter how little it is, knowledge always increases by sharing. We here try to share the little things we know and we would be happy if you benefit from it. To make this process easier, we are releasing the Funsurf App.

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It's easy to get the latest updates from our blog on your smartphone in a clean and clutter free way with the App. Browse all posts, or view by category, it's easy to navigate and share posts. Just install our App and we'll be just a touch away.

For Android smartphones, you can download our Android App. Download the App to your PC by clicking the QR Code or scan it from your phone to directly download the app.

For Nokia smartphones, get our Ovi App on Ovi Store from here.

Due to our lack of coding knowledge, we cannot develop an app for other feature phones. What you get from Ovi Store is just a shortcut to the mobile optimized feeds by Ovi. Get it here.