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Turn Your Windows PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

We all love speed. Is not it? But what if we want fast internet on our mobile phones like in our PC? If you have Wi-Fi router, then you are lucky. But having a normal router limits the power of connecting more devices than the ports provided. Also, it does not let you connect your smartphone to internet.

So, the solution? By using your PC as Wi-Fi Hotspot, you can get many advantages. Be it having superfast internet on your smartphone or connect more devices. While Linux makes it easy, Windows doesn't have the option yet. But fear not, go through the article to find out what can you do.

We will use a free software named Connectify. Head over to the Connectify website and download the Windows client. Then install by double clicking. Allow to install the connectify driver when prompted.

After installation, the wizard will start on first run.

Enter a name for your network and click next. Now you'll be asked for a password to secure the network. Enter the password and click next.

Now select the connection you want to share. If you don't want to share internet connection, but just want to connect over Wi-Fi, you can choose "No Internet Sharing". Then click next.

Now the wizard will finish and you can start the Hotspot.

A tray icon will appear indicating the connection and a small window will let you control the connections.

Do you know any better method? Then please share with us.