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The best GUI Media Converter for Linux, Probably

Since the day I switched my primary OS to Linux, specifically Linux Mint, I was in search for a good audio and video converter. I know, there are powerful command line converters like ffmpeg and mencoder. But it is just easier to have a GUI, it is difficult remember all those commands. Isn't it? So finally, I found one, free and open source, and it doesn't make me disappointed.

So, the converter is, Mobile Media Converter. It uses mencoder for conversion, but can also use ffmpeg. It is just a GUI to the most powerful converters, but simpler. Simpler doesn't mean you lose control over the options the command line tools offer, MMC still gives you full control over all the parameters.

It doesn't just convert videos, but has friendly interfaces for trimming and cropping videos too. Also, embedded subtitles can be encoded onto the video for watching movies or shows with subtitles on devices that does not supports them.

You can crop a video easily to remove those ugly black borders, without having to figure out the command line parameters.

By default, MMC comes with many commonly used presets for different formats, more available online, from the application's interface itself. Not to mention, if you are not satisfied, you can customize any preset to create your own.

An integrated YoutTube downloader is also there to let you directly download and convert Youtube videos. It also allows to choose the quality of the video.

The best part is, it is completely free and open source, available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Precompiled packages are available for Ubuntu, Windows and Mac OS X. For other Linux distros, you can compile from the source which is available at launchpad. It has no new releases for a long time, but it just works.

You can download Mobile Media Converter here or get source here.