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Fedora Utils 1.4.0 Released

The latest version of Fedora Utils, 1.4.0, released today. The latest version brings some Fedora 15 specific changes and updates packages. Also now you can enable logging and redirect the outputs in terminal to a log file in case an error occurs. The notifications are now more pleasant with an icon.

  • Add Additional Repos, e.g.- RPMFusion, Google, Chromium, VirtualBox, Skype etc.
  • Install Multimedia Codecs, DVD Playback, Flash Plugin, Sun Java, Microsoft Truetype Fonts, additional Softwares like Google Earth, GTalk Plugin, Wine with Gecko, Adobe Air etc
  • Change system settings such as set Yum to keep package cache, enable autologin, set SELinux in permissive mode
  • Fix problems such as Anaconda Runtime causing Revisor not to start and MPlayer "VDPAU backend libvdpau_nvidia.so" error.
  • Optimize Boot Process by turning off unnecessary daemons
  • Customize Terminal by adding colours and Fortune messages
  • View System Information
And much more...

You can visit the project page at sourceforge here.