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Fedora Utils updated to 1.4.4

Today, our own Fedora Utils was updated to 1.4.4. Though it is not a major update, the changes are worth a mention. Fedora Utils can reuse downloaded microsoft fonts in the new version. And as per request of many users, an option to fix the font smoothing issue in Fedora has been also added. It also undergoes some height-width modifications to look better in Gnome Shell. Some changes in the software selection is also there and fixed some bugs. So it is highly recommended that you use the latest version.

This time, I also focused more on publicizing of Fedora Utils. Fedora Utils was reviewed by webupd8 and it certainly gives good impressions on our little project. But I need your help to spread the word.

The project website also went under many changes. Three new pages for FAQ, Revert Changes and Screenshots were added. All screenshots were updated to show the latest versions too.

If you tried Fedora Utils, please let us know how to improve it.