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Free Sites to make an Android App

If you have a blog or site, making an Android app can give you many advantages. But you don't want to learn all the programming stuff, though it could be useful. It is not a difficult task now a days as you can use many free online services to create your own app. I've used three sites till now and i want to share my experience with you.


Site: www.appsgeyser.com

  • You can clip any web content or get any web widget and convert it to an app.
  • You can get statistics for your app.
  • Share contents to Social networks from within the app.
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to use.
  • Requires premium account to remove ads.
  • Doesn't have any many customization options.


Site: www.appmakr.com

  • Use RSS feeds or PhoneGap to create the app.
  • Multiple feeds and PhoneGap are supported.
  • Location-Aware GeoRSS, Social Network Sharing, Mobile Ad Network Integration and more.
  • Supports Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile.
  • Very much customizable including splashscreen and tabs.
  • We had some issues with icon transparency etc.


Site: www.appmakr.com

  • Use RSS feeds to create the app.
  • Multiple feeds are supported.
  • Good looking apps with Podcast support.
  • Completely customizable package name and versions.
  • Native apps and doesn't use webkit engine to render.
  • Not much customizable.
  • Only pro version can remove ads have Admob integration.
We use AppMakr for our blog app and highly recommend it as it is customizable and nice looking at same time. AppsGeyser can be useful for them who don't have a blog, but a mobile site, also creating apps from web widgets can be useful. AppYet is a new player. It has nice features for a new service. It automatically updated our app to its latest version and emailed it to us. You can download the alternative version our blog app by AppYet here. If you know any better alternatives, please share.