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Thoughts about Gnome Shell, Unity and Elementary

All the new interfaces popping out there, trying to be touchscreeen friendly and provide a whole new experience, have one thing in common; they are hated by most. Unity, which i believe is hated by most ubuntu users despite of bringing many new features and ideas. Reasons might be different for different prople. For me, it is canonical’s decision to force users with the totally new interface, ditching the notification area and the big bulky and immovable dock in the right. While its space saving features can be useful for smaller resolutions, it doesn’t look good to me on high resolution desktops and laptops.

Gnome Shell is way locked down and its developers seem not to design it for the people. It makes me miss the old, fully customizable Gnome. Though I like Gnome Shell, because it feels smooth even on my intel GPU and really has some nice ideas, it’s not ready yet and lacks many features that Unity provides. But it looks interesting and is certainly more integrated to Gnome than Unity.

The fact that I hate Unity and don’t want to use Gnome Shell which is incomplete, I decide to use the classic Gnome interface which was the default option in my favorite distribution Linux Mint. But the fact that worries me that the switch of Linux Mint to a Debian base. Though Debian has lots of software, it’s still behind Ubuntu due to its large no. of PPAs. I would have been happier if it had switched to XFCE as main edition instead.

On the other hand, there is elementaryOS. It has a lot of inspirations from Mac OS, but for me, it’s not a bad thing. It is based on Ubuntu, looks beautiful out of the box and is on the way to its own desktop environment called Pantheon. It feels snappier than Ubuntu because it doesn’t include many of the additional software which most people don’t use, but they are readily available in the software center.

Let's see what happens. I'm keeping an eye on elementaryOS which is what I'll probably choose.