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What is this Google+ Stuff really?

Google's new Social Network, Google+ has finally landed. But not everyone can join at the stage. You have to be one of those lucky people who got an invite. Thankfully, I am at Google+. Though I'm not much into Social Networking, personally I started to like Google+. If you still don't know about Google+, you're missing something.

After failure of Google Buzz, Google again tries to enter the field of Social Networking. And this time Google has done quite well. The most used sites in the world would be Social Networking sites, I think everyone will be agree. It looks reasonable why the search giant is trying to get into the field of Social Networking so much. Well, it is none of our business, is it?

Google+, while still in early stages, seems well designed and well thought. The interface is clean and simple, much like Facebook. But can it be the Facebook killer? The biggest advantage Google+ has is tight integration with Google services. You can share stuff directly to your Google+ friends while you are reading your feeds or checking your mail, from the bar at the top. Not the least, Google+ has many other features too.

After the privacy issues that Facebook suffered from, Google has made it easy to keep your privacy. One of the most anticipated features is Circles. Circles are simply groups of friends or the people you have added. But Circles make it easier to control what to share with whom. When you share something, you'll be asked which circle you want to share with. It makes sense as you can easily avoid sharing stuff with the particular people you don't want to.

Other features include Hangouts, which lets you video chat with your friends using your webcam. Google makes it easy to find the stuff you are interested in with Sparks.

Not to mention, it also has many features common in Social Networking sites such as photo sharing, chatting etc. The photo-tagging feature lets your Google+ friends tag your public photos in Picasa.

There is an Android App for Google+ that has an intuitive interface. It also has a special feature called Huddle, which gives group chat capabilities.

As an added bonus, Picasa users now can upload virtually unlimited photos to their accounts without going over the storage limits whether they are in Google+ or not. If you're a Google+ user, photos up to 2048 x 2048 pixels and videos up to 15 minutes won't eat up your storage space. For non-Google+ users, the photo size limit is 800 x 800 pixels while videos are the same. If you reach your storage limit and upload images larger than these dimensions to Picasa Web Albums, Google will automatically resize them.

So what do you think? Can Google+ beat Facebook? Let's see. If you are in Google+, you can find me here.