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Ambiance Blue Theme Suite

I was unable to find a good theme for Gnome 3 that will contain both GTK2 and GTK3 themes (yes, there are, but none is satisfactory, at least to me). I liked the Ambiance theme a lot, but I'm not a fan of those Orange colors especially. I had made a Ambiance Blue for GTK2 before. So I decided to port it to GTK3. Now I had to find a matching Gnome Shell theme, and after getting disappointed, I made one.

This theme suite includes,
  • GTK2 Theme (Uses Murrine engine)
  • GTK3 Theme (Uses Unico engine)
  • Gnome Shell Theme
  • AWN Theme
So, you have to install Murrine engine and Unico engine to get both GTK2 and GTK3 themes working. To install latest murrine engine in Ubuntu, run the following in the terminal,
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:murrine-daily/ppa
Then run,
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-murrine
To install murrrine engine in Fedora, open a terminal and run,
yum install gtk-murrine-engine
To install latest unico engine in Ubuntu, run the following in the terminal,
bzr branch lp:~ubuntu-desktop/unico/ubuntu
cd ubuntu
./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo make install
To install unico engine in Fedora, open a terminal and run,
bzr co -r 69 lp:unico
cd unico
./configure --prefix=/usr
sudo make install
You might need to install bzr and GTK3 Developement packages for your platform.

Installation Instructions

Extract the zip file. Then extract the tar.gz file to the themes directory i.e. "~/.themes/". Install the User Theme Extension and use the Gnome Tweak tool to choose the themes. To install the Gnome Shell theme without the User Theme Extension, first backup your Gnome Shell theme directory i.e. "/usr/share/gnome-shell/". Extract the tar.gz file and rename "gnome-shell" directory to "theme", then copy it to "/usr/share/gnome-shell/". Restart GNOME Shell by pressing "Alt+F2", then type r and press Enter. Install the AWN theme via the preferences dialog of AWN.

Download Link


If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know. And thanks to Andrew for posting it in his blog:)