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Fedora Utils reaches 1.5.5: Updates, Fixes, New Features and more

Today after my overnight work on Fedora Utils, I have released version 1.5.5. This new version includes few fixes and updates to Java Runtime (updated to 7) and Flashplayer (Updated to 12 beta 2).

A new option for cleaning up the system added. Now you can clean up backup files, old kernels, empty directories, bash history etc easily from within Fedora Utils.

The "Install Shell Extensions" option is now moved to the main menu. This option now lets you choose from many Gnome Shell extensions to install. Not to mention about the extensions GPaste, Weather etc. which are not in the Fedora Repos. They are automatically compiled and installed.

Also many new "Fixes to common problems" were added. Due to user request, font smoothing option was also added.

After the addition of auto-update feature, you can now get this latest update directly downloaded to your home folder when you start Fedora Utils. If the version you have is too old, get the new version here.