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Fedora Utils 1.6 Released

Fedora Utils 1.6 has been released on 15-09-2011. But I was unable to post it here. Well, it now includes many improvements including, the installation status about different tasks is now shown and logging was little bit improved. The changes since 1.5 is given here. You can read the full changelog here.

Changelog 1.6

  1. Now shows current status about installed options
  2. Added options for clean up
  3. Added option to install many shell extensions
  4. Previous additional software section was removed and new simplified one is added
  5. Now many softwares not available in Fedora repos can be automatically compiled from source and installed
  6. Better detection of latest version
  7. Improved logging
  8. Updated softwares to latest versions
  9. More changes

Fedora Utils is both free and open source. Feel free to use it and modify it according to your needs. if you have a suggestion or want to contribute, then it will be highly appreciated. Finally, you can always download the latest version of Fedora Utils here.