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Fedora Utils just got easier

I initially created Fedora Utils so that I could save the hassle of configuring Fedora manually each time I install. From a simple terminal script, it got a new life with a GUI using zenity. Then, I got to know about other options like Auto Plus and easyLife. They made it easier for me to include many of the functionality they had to include in Fedora Utils. Probably Fedora Utils wouldn't have been born if I had found them earlier, and I'm happy I didn't. Eventually, Fedora Utils got new and new features. Finally it has a lots of options now, a lot more than Auto Plus and easyLife have. But one thing Fedora Utils was still lacking.

If you look at Auto Plus and easyLife, you install the RPM pacakges, find them in the menu, run them and all options are listed. Quite easy for a novice user. Isn't it? But there are no RPM packages available for Fedora Utils. Not only because I don't know how to package, but also I feel there is no need to create a RPM for a post installation script. But again, this makes running Fedora Utils a little difficult.. You download the script, make it executable, then run it in Terminal with sudo, then you have to accept the license and then you'll see the options. Longer if you run it as normal user though.

Dangermouse, the creator of Auto Plus, kindly provided me a RPM and Source RPM of fedorautils-1.6.0. And I plan to release RPMs from the version 1.7.0. But what about "I feel there is no need to create a RPM for a post installation script"?. Yeh, the normal not-packaged script will still be available, for them who don't want to install it. And I've made it easier to run. Now you have to download the script, make it executable, then double click it and click on "Run in Terminal". It will ask confirmation about if you want it to run it as root. if you choose yes, it will check sudo access and if it exists, it will run itself as root. The new method for detecting sudo fixes the multiple password prompts. with the previous code, it would first ask to check sudo, if you click "No", then it will attempt use sudo and exit if it doesn't succeed. If you click "Yes", it would ask password for checking, then if it exists, again ask password for using sudo, annoying! Then you face the License screen which I removed in the latest version to make you start faster.

I'm constantly working to improve Fedora Utils so that it would be more useful and easier to use. And is has seen increase in downloads in recent days, which encourages me to work on Fedora Utils. Thanks for the support.