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Install Jockey Driver Installer in Fedora 16

Jockey driver installer is an application which can install various hardware drivers, originally intended for Ubuntu. The guys at Parsidora have ported it to Fedora. The problem is, it is only for Fedora 15. So we will install it in Fedora 16 here. First, we need to add the Parsidora repo.
cat <<EOF | tee /etc/yum.repos.d/parsidora.repo [parsidora] name=Parsidora 15 – \$basearch baseurl=http://parsidora.sourceforge.net/releases/15/repos/parsidora/\$basearch enabled=0 gpgcheck=0 EOF
The repo is intended for Fedora 15, so we should not enable it by default. Now let's install Jockey :)
yum --enablerepo=parsidora install jockey-selinux jockey-gtk
You can alternatively install the KDE package if you use KDE.
yum --enablerepo=parsidora install jockey-selinux jockey-kde
Now that you installed the Jockey GTK interface, try to start it from the menu "Additional Drivers". But it won't start for some reason. So let's troubleshoot it. This problem occurs since Fedora 16 uses a newer version of the library python-gobject, where gobject now called GObject. But in the jockey-gtk package, it is referenced as gobject. So we just need to change the names.
sed -i 's/import gobject/\# import gobject/g' /usr/bin/jockey-gtk sed -i 's/gobject/GObject/g' /usr/bin/jockey-gtk sed -i 's/from gi.repository import GdkPixbuf, Gtk, Notify/from gi.repository import GdkPixbuf, Gtk, Notify, GObject/g' /usr/bin/jockey-gtk
Now, if all goes well, Jockey should start. Note that in the latest version of Fedora Utils, it is automatically taken care of, and installation of jockey no longer fails in Fedora 16.