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Fedora Utils is now "Fedy"

Fedora Utils, a post install utility for Fedora, has been renamed to Fedy. The reasons are the usual legal things and stuff.

It was just another day. I checked for my mail, and found a new issue reported on GitHub for fedorautils. This issue was different than the usual issues I get, as it was not a bug report or feature request. It was a legal notice. It said the following,

Unfortunately, your use of the Fedora trademark is inappropriate here. It implies sponsorship of Fedora (and thus, Red Hat) in this application (and that is definitely not the case). Please take immediate action to cease use of the Fedora trademarks (the word mark "Fedora" and the Fedora "logo" artwork) in the name of this software and the website for this software.

See: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legal:Trademark_guidelines

Also note that you may say things such as:

"This software is a set of utilities intended for use on installed Fedora systems..." as that would be considered a fair use of the trademark (it does not imply support or involvement of Fedora or Red Hat).

I contacted the person, who was a Red Hat employee, and he said I must change the name. So I had no option.

Choosing a name was not easy. After a lot of discussions and thinking, I choose Fez. Then I found that it is already taken. I had to again rename it to Fedy.

If you have fedorautils installed, fedy will automatically replace it in the next system update. So you don't need to worry.