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Undo function coming soon to Fedora Utils

I think Fedora Utils is doing great in helping people all around the world by saving their precious time. Setting up Fedora is not easy, after all. Fedora Utils can do a lots of stuff, and while it's the advantage, it also becomes a disadvantage since for a novice user, there is no go back.

Many often complained it didn't have a undo function. I've seen posts on AskFedora and the Fedora forums from users who wanted to revert some changes they made, and their point was valid. But still, it was not easy to implement, and it still is not.

In some cases, undoing the change is easy, like if some new file was added etc. In some cases, it's a lot difficult. May be you've installed a package (x) which depend upon a package (y) which was installed via Fedora Utils. The if Fedora Utils tries to uninstall that package (y), then it will also uninstall the package (x), causing undesirable behavior. But there's no apparent solution to the issue.

The undo function will soon arrive in the next stable release of Fedora Utils (it's already in GIT). But due to the above issues, it's not perfect, and hence it'll be available only in the command line mode, at least for now.

So here is how it'll work. You'll need to run the following to bring up the list of tasks which you can undo.

fedorautils --undo list

It's works very similar to fedorautils --exec does. However, it doesn't perform any check about if the software is actually installed or not. This ensures that even if the software was previously uninstalled, Fedora Utils can remove the files that were not uninstalled fully.

The undo feature has been implemented for all the items in "Tweaks and Tasks" and "Install additional software" sections. They are complete, so you can give them a try. May be we'll find bugs which we need to fix before making the stable release?

To try the latest code, do the following,

git clone git@github.com:satya164/fedorautils.git
cd fedorautils
sudo ./fedorautils

Or you can grab a tarball from the GitHub repo. Please test and report bugs as that's the only thing that can help me to make Fedora Utils better.

Also, as a side-note, I'm redesigning the webpage and will be putting a donation form in it, so that you can donate me if you feel like it. I am saving for a new laptop and your donations will be very much helpful.